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Hello world, welcome to the Vurilo blog. Here we will be sharing our stories, news, and guides.  Live session at Vurilo: the best online learning platform in Nepal that provides tools & resources designed for educators to manage classrooms & enrich learning experiences. Anyone who wants to learn new skills, and prepare for exams at their comfort.

If you are an institute(academic or vocational training) then you can use our platform to efficiently conduct online classes. Similarly, any organization can use vurilo for the capacity building of the team members by sharing private training materials.

The goal of Vurilo is to become the de-facto choice for the learning path, we imagine Nepal where every knowledge, and skill will be transferred from one person to another virtually. Our effort and vision are to create a sustainable knowledge-sharing education ecosystem for Nepal.

As of today, you can start teaching/learning from the vurilo android mobile app with just a few clicks. From payment collection and user enrollment to sharing live class detail will be done by the app. So you can just focus on sharing your skills. Students can easily join live classes through our mobile app in a hassle-free way. We support major payment systems through our payment partners Khalti and eSewa.

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The live classes you conduct will be automatically recorded. The recorded sessions are secured and only the enrolled students can watch them. Few currently running live classes

IELTS - Master Class - Morning Shift
IELTS(Academic) : International English Language Testing System The Classroom Link will be emailed to you after enrollment. Need a top IELTS score but no time to...

or you can enroll in our guitar class

Advanced Guitar Guide to Glide
In this Advanced Guitar Guide to Glide, you will learn; 1.Three ways to Master Legato“Miracle Lick” to Improve SweepingThree Key Concepts to Ragas on Guitar4.Con...

For now, we have just released our beta web and Android app.

We are very excited about the future and what you will share with the world through Vurilo.

Happy learning!